This web site is in memory of John M. Galione, his comrades of the 104th "Timberwolf" Army Infantry Division, and the victims of Mittelbau Dora and Nordhausen Concentration Camps.

On April 10, 1945, after walking over a hundred miles to search for the prisoners of labor camps, an exhausted Private Galione found a secret tunnel, a train car filled with corpses, a German guard shooting at him, and prisoners praying for rescue behind a locked gate.

In April of 1945, the military objective was not to search for camps, but to eliminate enemy opposition in order to get to Hitler. But, when Private Galione found Camp Dora and the Pentagon learned that the Germans were making the world's first ballistic missiles in a concentration camp, the military objective changed to a diligent search for camps and weapons and Pentagon officials ordered the confiscation of the ballistic missile, including the scientists who created it.

Private Galione's discovery saved the prisoners of Dora-Nordhausen and related camps, and changed the future of the United States and the world.
Viola and John Galione
December, 1945
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